Malesa family demand justice after their son was allegedly killed by mob



The twenty two years old man was allegedly murdered in a horrific scene by members of the community in the suspected house break incident at Diphagane village during New Year Eve.

The corpse of the man has since been discovered at Ngwaritsi River by Jane Furse Police officers after a tip off.

According to Molefe Malapela (22), her boyfriend, Mokabi Malesa, was attacked and killed by a mob after being accused of stealing electrical appliances such as extension, generator and plasma television.

His mother Motubatse Malesa said she was devastated after receiving the heart breaking news of his son’s passing.

Motubatse said she demanded protection from law enforcement after the community pointed fingers at her son accusing him of stealing from them.

“They suspected my late son and I gave them permission to search my house. They came and found nothing but my properties were destroyed. I went to the royal house to make an appeal and I was advised to report the incident to the police station,” Motubatse explained.

“At the police station I was told they would assist only if somebody was harmed. I felt unsafe and unprotected and my eldest son took us to the safer place,” she said.

She said residents have since accused her of unconfirmed allegation of witchcraft.

“It was for the best to leave, because doors and windows in my house were destroyed and when I tried to open a case the police did not help,” she uttered.

She said on New Year Eve, her late son took her girlfriend to cross over the year in Diphagane with their friends.

“My son said mom I didn’t steal anything from anyone therefore I am going home with Molefe to cross over this year,” Motubatse said these were last words of his son before departing.

They arrived at Diphagane at about six in the evening and people saw them, the two did not have any idea that they were being followed and monitored.

Molefe said his boyfriend went out to buy cigarette and came back with one of his friends.

“At about past ten his friends started to act strange and making phone calls saying ‘he is around’ and we were unsure who they were talking about” said Malapela.

She said while still with his friends, assembled armed residents surrounded the yard and the two decided to lock themselves inside the house.

“We were hiding behind the wardrobe and we overheard the mob asking Mokabi’s friends we were hidden,”

She said they kicked the door and shouted come out or else we set this house alight.

“We were scared and my late boyfriend jumped out of the window and ran but he was caught and they took him to a place next to the river,” she then followed them without being noticed.

Molefe said they attacked him unconscious the whole night threatening to kill him if he continues in resisting bringing back stolen items.

“I could not do anything than to watch from a distance inside the bushes and I heard him says you can kill me but I didn’t steal anything,” she claims it was his last words she heard before he died.

They threw his body into the river, she alleged.

On the following day, she went to the police station to report what she witnessed but she was overlooked, she alleged.

“Instead of getting assisted I was questioned about my dress code. Hours passed and a police woman called me in and when I was telling her my story I saw familiar faces telling another officer that they dealt with a suspect decisively,” she adds.

Molefe said they took her to the place she claimed the incident happened and found body of her man floating in water.

“They called the forensic team and they took my statement but they harshly condemned what I was saying, telling me that I should not say much,” she alleged.

Explained how police worked with them over this case, Motubatse said she has lost hope in the police at Jane Furse

“They did not update us, we just heard rumours that only one woman was arrested and released on bail,” said mother of four.

Medupi claim his personal safety was threatened the following day after his cousin, Mokabi was killed.

“I am falsely accused of a crime I did not commit,” said Medupi

He said he was implicated because it is believed that his cousin said they hid the stolen items at his girlfriend’s home.

“Police received tangible evidence to bring many to the book but we don’t know why no one is arrested yet,” he said

Medupi said he feels unsafe and doesn’t know what to do at this stage.

Molefe alleged that she has lost a pregnancy due to the trauma of this incident.

Thapelo Motseo

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