People’s reaction over the EFF’s call to defy lockdown regulation

“From today, we don’t listen to what Ramaphosa says about coronavirus. We don’t comply with nonsense he says about coronavirus, until he gives us vaccine and vaccinate our people because he has no intention of vaccinating our people,”

These were the words of president of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Sello Julius Malema addressing his supporters on Youth day in Pretoria.

Malema has calls upon the people of South Africa to defy lockdown regulations until majority of the people are vaccinated.

His party demanded the approval of vaccine from China and Russia be supplied in South Africa. “Lockdown is not a solution; the solution is to vaccinate the majority of South Africans,” said Malema.

After the President Matamela Ramaphosa moved the country to alert level 4 the EFF issued a statement in support of its president to defy the president’s call to move the country to alert level 4.

“Level 4, 5 or 20 we don’t care. We are no longer going to entertain any lockdown. In the EFF it will be business as usual. We want a lockdown with a plan,” said Malema.

For that reason the Sekhukhune Times took to the streets to engage with ordinary citizens to have their voices over the EFF stands.


Kgwadi Thobane

“I disagree with the EFF. It is true that government has flip flopped on issue of vaccination especially considering that it seemed government wanted Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Consider that SA is a member of BRICKS we could have acquired Sputnik and Chinese vaccine easily. Two wrongs don’t make right,”

Modisa Ntobeng

“I don’t agree with the EFF simply because if people defy lockdown regulations and start to do as they wish, then lot of people will be infected and die. According to the health expert this third wave is very dangerous and to avoid loss of lives we must comply with cabinet’s measures. It may sounds like government is not prioritising its people by putting people indoors but it has proven by World Health Organisation that less movement its equivalent to less the spread of the virus,”

Mogau Matsemela

“Bad equivalent delaying solution is not equivalent to problem solving. Secondly political battles over health matters will results in too many people loses of lives due to covid. Not obeying to covid-19 regulations will escalate the spread of the virus. Delaying vaccination it’s also costing us lives but behaviours which are spreading the virus its injustice to the lives of South Africans,”

Thapelo Motseo

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