R1.5 billion total draft budget for SDM

GROBLERSDAL– With four local municipalities, Elias Motsoaledi (EMLM), Ephraim Mogale (EPMLM), Makhuduthamaga (MLM) and Fetakgomo Tubatse (FTLM), the Sekhukhune District Municipality recently presented a R1.5 billion total draft budget for the 2021/22 financial period.

The water services challenged district municipality said R1.1 billion of the draft budget presented would be operational and R470 million capital.

FTLM has more villages in the district with 335 in number, followed by MLM with 192 and EMLM with EPMLM having 159 and 78 villages respectively. The district has 764 villages and 117 wards in total.

A 2016 community survey and the 2011 census show the district had 290 489 households in 2016, an increase from 263 802 back in 2011.

The district municipality’s recent IDP/draft budget presentation revealed that R1.500 000.00 for the 2021/22 financial year was budgeted for the knowledge of the existing infrastructure components and enhanced maintenance, borehole drilling rig.

Appropriate components were budgeted R4 000 000.00 and effective and structured water quality management and education and awareness on matters related to water use were budgeted R 5 000 000.00 and R1 000 000.00 respectively.

Ground water resource management and development budget is R10 307 807, comprehensive WC/WDM strategy for SDM R2 000 000, SDM infrastructure asset management strategy and policy R1.500 000, updated WSDP R500 000 and update water and sanitation master plan R500 000.00

The budget for development of rural roads asset management system is R2.437 000.00. In water services, the Mooihoek bulk water supply phase 4f1 has a budget of R94 645 000.00, the Nebo Bulk Water Commission Jane Furse pipeline R50 000.000.00, Moutse Bulk Water Project 13 and 14 R80 000 000.00.

Maebe Drilling and Equipping Borehole has a budget of R13 000 000.00, Tukakgomo RDP Section borehole R9 000 000.00, Nkosini Water Supply and Package Plant R8 000 00.00, Laersdrift Water Supply Intervention R9 000 000.00, Phokwane/Brooklyn Water Supply R4 000 000.00 and Legolaneng VDIP R7 000 000.00.

In the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG), Ephraim Mogale VIP backlog programme, phase 2 and 3 was budgeted R5 000 000.00, Makhuduthamaga VIP backlog programme R5 000 000.00, upgrading of De Hoop Water Treatment Works R60 505 976.00, De Hoop/Nebo Plateau/Schoonoord Water Scheme villages: Ga-Mogashoa (Senkapudi) and Ga-Mogashoa (Manamane) R4 762 404.00.

The NSDO7 Regional Water Scheme construction of concrete reservoirs has been given R28 686 829.00. De Hoop/Nebo Plateau/Schoonoord Water Scheme villages: Makgeru, Ga-Ratau and Malekane have been budgeted R42 223 394.00.

The Elias Motsoaledi VIP backlog programme, phase 3 got R5 000 000.00, Carbonitites to Zaaiplaas PH4 (Dindela reservoir) R8 000 000.00, Tubatse backlog programme phase 2 and 3 R7 000 000.00 while Motlailana, Makgemeng water supply has R29 409 971.00, Malekana regional water scheme got R135 000 000.00 and Lebalelo South connector pipes and reticulations have R32 748 439 30.

Lebalelo South phase 3, Ga-Maroga and Motlolo Bulk and Reticulation Infrastructure and the Mampuru Bulk Water Scheme were budgeted R63 000 000.00 and R57 222 987.00 respectively.

On Municipal health services, environmental pollution prevention and waste management were allocated R208 200.00 each.  Food safety control R57 932 69, water quality monitoring R89 507 26, health surveillance of premises surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases and R20 820 00. Communicable diseases outbreak control was allocated R2 528 423 48 while vector control R43 661 62.

Fire and rescue operations including emergency management services training academy and fire prevention and safety has been allocated R223 671 00.

Disaster risk assessment, disaster risk reduction, response and recovery, disaster management plan and framework review and special operations on high density days has been allocated R292 489 00.

On spatial rationale, facilitation of land acquisition for district municipal offices has been allocate R60 000.

On education, the internal bursaries of the district municipality have been allocated R670 000.00 while external ones were given R664 000.00.

The district informed that the 2021/22 municipal services tariffs are to be increased by 10 percent for municipal services and other revenue sources tariffs are also to be increased by 10% moving towards cost reflective as recommended by treasury.

New tariffs for waste water used by farmers are proposed at half the normal services tariffs. Residential water tariff will be R52.07, business R154.05, government R610.42, Malls R976.68, residential per kilolitre less than R15.66, business per kilolitre less than 6 kilolitres R20.48 and farmers per kilolitre less than 6 kilolitres R26.03.


Thapelo Motseo

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