MARBLE HALL – The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality (EPMLM) has announced that it would lodge a complaint with the Auditor General (AG) on an unused water project in Marble Hall.

The DA said it would write to the AG to flag the completed water gantry constructed in Marble Hall and formed part of the Moutse Drought Relief Project.

Flip Jacobs, DA Councillor in EPMLM, said two water gantries, one in Groblersdal and one in Marble Hall, were approved by the Department of Water and Sanitation at a cost of R2 760 100 during the current financial year.

Jacobs said his party was only concerned that there was massive price inflation by the service provider to erect the water gantry in Marble Hall and that erected gantry was not in use.

“A gantry was erected next to the reservoir in ward 7 without any pipes to the reservoir and taps to allow for water tankers to access the reservoir. A couple of kilometers away, a pipe was inserted in an existing water hydrant with two taps attached, to enable water tankers to access water at this point,” explained Jacobs.

He added that the DA was certain that questionable water gantry did not nearly cost in excess of R1 million as budgeted for construction.

Jacobs said as the party they further questioned why the gantry, which was not in use, erected at the reservoir and that water taps were inserted at a water hydrant utilized to fill up water tankers.

“There are villages in 19 wards that were supposed to be served from the Moutse bulk water supply project but years of the project’s delays, maladministration and corruption impeded the project from delivering water to the residents,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs said it was a disgrace that the project, which was meant to supply water to affected villages and restore their dignity, turned out to be a waste of tax payers’ money.

“We will request the AG to scrutinise the tender process as well as the completed project and make a finding,” said Jacobs.

The party said it would continue to fight for improved service delivery and prudent spending to ensure that the residents of Marble Hall received adequate water supply.


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