“The patient was brought to the hospital during the late hours of Sunday by a private vehicle with stab wound and instead of going to casualty he landed up in a bathroom and had a blackout.

“He was bleeding profusely and the staff in casualty were notified and immediately intervened and took him to the casualty ward, where he was resuscitated and stabilised.

Thereafter he was admitted to a male surgical ward where he is still recovering, but in high spirits,”

These were the words of Thilivhali Muavha who’s a spokesperson for the health MEC, Phophi Ramathuba, explaining the pictures of a bloody bathroom floor at the Zebediela hospital in Magatle that were circulating on social media last week.

He described the scene as unfortunate and regrettable which he believe few malicious individuals decided to take these pictures to name and shame the employees who saved someone life.

“Bathroom floors were cleaned immediately after the incident and it is unfortunate that some individuals decided to take pictures while other were busy saving the patient’s live,” he explained

Muavha branded pictures as grandstanding aimed at shaming their employees.

Trended scary bloody pictures were captioned “Imagine going into a place where your health is supposed to be the first priority only to find it looking like this… Please intervene and help us fight the injustice…’

Politicians were tagged to see including president of the state Hon: Matamela Ramaphosa and Julius Malema.

He however said the bathroom was cleaned immediately after the incident.

Muavha reminded the members of the communities that lockdown regulations should be observed and curfew still exists and no one is allowed to be out in the middle of the night especially if you drink alcohol.


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