BURGERSFORT – The plan by the Fetakgomo Local Municipality to acquire a R135 million privately owned property has been met with condemnation by opposition parties in Sekhukhune District Municipality council.

One of the opposition parties in the district municipality council which lambasted the move is the Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (BPSA).

BPSA described FTLM as arguably one of the most bankrupt local municipalities that has lost R245 million in the VBS Saga.

Seun Mogotji, BPSA leader, worried that the very same local municipality was set to purchase a R135 million private building while it has its own building abandoned and rotting just a few kilometers away from the property in question.

Mogotji said poor management, lack of any financial understanding and empathy for public funds was at the root of the local municipality councillor’s move to approve.

“For council to sit, deliberate and approve of the move to purchase the building displays to all sundry how morally and intellectually bankrupt they all are. Services of property evaluators where enlisted only to find out that they ignored advices and recommendations, as one evaluator estimated R70 million and yet council is willing to pay almost double the amount,” lambasted Mogotji.

Mogotji said all that while the people of FTLM were among the poorest in the country and service delivery remained a pipeline dream.

“Yet these politicians see nothing wrong with paying a deliberately inflated price for a building they don’t need,” added Mogotji.

He said the BPSA appealed to Premier Chupu Mathabatha, Coghta and Treasury to intervene and see to it that the futile activity was stopped and service delivery was prioritized instead of working on ways to loot the state resources that ought to be directed to the betterment of the people of FTLM.

Kubane Tolo, FTLM spokesperson, said the local municipality has issued a 21-days notice for public comments on the purchasing of the building and that they were waiting for that process to end this week.


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