At least few families in Ga Masemola village were left stranded after a horrific tornado ripped off houses on October 5, collapsing the roof, destroyed schools stationery, food and damaged furniture.

Affected family, confirmed strong wind ripped off their four roomed house and caused more water to enter the building.

The family of nine said it was about eight in the evening when incident happened.

The twenty eight year old woman, who is elderly in the family said after the blown off roof, they had no choice and were forced to plea neighbours to sleep at their premises for three consecutive days.

Nchwaso Makobe said unusual weather came at the time were no one was working in her family which forced them to implore for help to everyone.

Nchwaso explains what happened:

“It was about 8pm in the evening when electricity went off. Due to strong windy no one was asleep and no window was opened but surprisingly our roof blew off. Luckly enough no one was injured,”

Desperate family issued a touching letter after the incident requesting good samatarians to intervene including their local municipality.

“We would like to thank everyone who supported us during this difficult time. We also thank the Makhuduthamaga local municipality for handing over one room shack, grocery, and electricity and to also helping in making roofing,” said Nchwaso.

Family said they’re now relived but concerned about bedroom door which is damaged.

“We are in a bad situation because no one is working in the family and both of our parents have passed away,” she explained.

ANC ward councillor, Erick Mosoane confirmed affected families were assisted.

“As local government we managed to help four affected families, one in Mahlakole section and three were in Mahwibitswane,” he said

South African weather services warned that the country would suffer from stormy weather with heavy rains and snowfalls, mostly in Gauteng.


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