LEEUWFONTEIN – Residents of Leeuwfontein outside Marble Hall embarked on a protest march to Limpopo Premier, Chupu Mathabatha’s office in Polokwane on Monday, 12 October 2020 to hand over a memorandum of grievances over lack of water services in the area under Sekhukhune district’s Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality.

The residents demanded that Premier Mathabatha take away powers of water authority from Sekhukhune District Municipality (SDM) and vest on Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality. They said it was easier for them to engage with the local municipality than the district over their challenges of lack of water services.

They demanded the immediate cancelation of water tankers’ that supplied them with water as they claimed that individuals with close links to the district municipality were the ones benefiting from the system.

The residents said all water projects, both current and new, be given priority over any other infrastructure project in the local municipality and that all projects be completed within the next three months.

The protesters added that Premier Mathabatha ought not to delegate from his office but take responsibility of oversight in the project by himself.

Maphefo Mmakola, a community leader, said as the people of ward 8 in Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality, were very much aware of their right to have access to clean drinkable water.

Mmakola said they were also awake to the realities of corruption and incompetence that combined and connived to cruelly deny the people of Leeuwfontein the right to clean drinkable water.

“We are also awake to our collective responsibility and power to fight against any form of injustice visitd upon us, hence, we are prepared to fight any corrupt and incompetent person or office that denies us our right to have access to water services,” said Mmakola.

Willy Mosoma, Premier Mathabatha’s spokesperson, the office of the premier warmly welcomed every aggrieved citizen to raise service delivery concerns, provided that was done within the confines of the law.

Mosoma said that illegal marches would not help, rather Limpopians were humbly urged to follow correct procedures and that the residents of Leeuwfontein were respectively urged to bring forth their grievances in good faith so that they could be attended to.

“The bottom line is that we are not going to respond to any of their demands because no one from the office of the premier was aware of their actions,” said Mosoma.


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