Former drug smuggler, Aubrey Mosoma (26), has turned his life around to help drug addicts to stop using the drugs.

Aubrey has been using the drugs for the past six years until he discovered himself and abandoned the unhealthy lives he was living.

The former drug addict is currently running an initiative aimed to help other recovering addicts find a place in their community.

The drive also affords aftercare service for recovering addicts and recently he hosted an outreach programme for them.

“Through this initiative we are able to offer recovering addicts life skill training to enable them to find their feet in rebuilding their lives. I know and understand their journey because I was there years ago,” said Aubrey who believes drugs forced him to do evil things.

“I needed someone who was prepared to listen and not judge me, but residents would shut doors in my face because of my past. But no one was there, I had to crawl and motivate myself throughout the process,” he said

Speaking about challenges, Aubrey said recovering drug addicts faces rejection from families, society and business when they seek employment and as a result they end up relapsing.

He implored to community at large to step forward to help us fight drugs in their communities.

“Treating addicts and those recovering as second class citizens won’t help getting rid of drugs in the community ,” he said.


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