Ga Nchabeleng residents continue to complain of illegal dumping site causing health hazard.  Residents said they are tired of the stench of dead dogs, pampers, smoke and rats.

According to the members of the community, a fenced space meant to construct for Ga Nchabeleng sports facility has now turned into garbage dump.

Nearby residents said various measures have been put in place to try and stop the illegal dumping but residents continue to dump waste illegally.

Affected residents accused shop owners of dumping expired goods as a result the place turned into illegal dumping.

A man residing next to the dumping site said they have done everything in their power to stop the illegal dumping site.

“The problem is every time they clean the place people come and dump the rubbish again, especially at night,” said one of the complainers, Thabo Makgoga.

He said the whole area is covered with litter everywhere.

Thabo blamed people who contribute to do the untidiness of the illegal dump site says it was unfortunately people who litter and leave their waste around.

“This illegal dumping make the environment hazardous. It is necessary for all of us to live in a clean environment,” he explained.

Complaint said they are unable to open windows to enjoy fresh air because of the flies and mosquitos.

“Our health is at risk because of the stench coming from the illegal dumping. Residents are forced and trapped in their own houses. We are always locked inside our houses fearing for our health,”

Another concern is that the area invaded by a lot of homeless people and perpetuate criminal elements there.

Community believes invaders hide stolen properties in the area.  


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