JANE FURSE – The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo has called on Limpopo Department of Community Safety and Transport to institute an investigation into the traffic officer assault video has been making rounds on social media platforms recently.

The DA said it was deeply concerned by the video of a traffic officer seen assaulting and manhandling a member of the public. The incident allegedly occurred in Jane Furse within Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality.

Suzan Phala, DA Limpopo Provincial Spokesperson on Transport, said the video in question surfaced on social media platforms o Sunday, 04 October 2020. It shows a traffic officer slapping and shouting at the man before forcefully throwing him to the ground and then subduing him.

Phala said in the video, it was not clear what transpired or what events led to the traffic officer’s reaction, but there was no circumstance that should warrant such heavy handedness from a traffic officer on a member of the public.

“The conduct of displayed by the traffic officer in the video is simply unacceptable and not befitting of someone expected to uphold the rule of law. There is no justification for the traffic officer’s conduct whether the man assaulted in the video had transgressed or not,” said Phala.

Phala added that the DA condemned the actions of the traffic officer in question and calls on the MEC for Community Safety and Transport, Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhaya and her department to carry out a full investigation into that incident and then sanction the traffic officer in question for the conduct.

She concluded that the DA was committed to ensuring that there was accountability especially in cases where officials abuse their power and exert unnecessary force on members of the public.


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