Oxtail Casserole.

Ingredients list

 Cut Oxtail x 3kg

Tomato paste x 1 small tin 

Freshly chopped tomatoes x  300g

Carrots roughly cut x 2 large

Onions 2 x medium

chopped garlic 100g

Celery leaves x 200g

Rosemary fresh x 100g

Paprika powder 200g

salt and pepper to taste

water x 3 x litre


Heat a pot for 3 minutes in a  stove, then add Oxtail without any oil, it will produce its own fat, keep on braising until it turns golden brown,remove from the pot, then add onions and garlic cook them until they are cooked, then add tomatoes and proceed with cooking in a low heat, then add the paprika powder and keep on cooking, add tomato paste, rosemary and celery leaves roughly chopped, then add Oxtail and mix it thoroughly with the mixture, then add water and let to simmer then season with salt and pepper to taste, it will be cooked on average of 2h30minutes. serve with starch of your choice, pap,mash potato,rice or dumplings.

Enjoy your speciality

Jonathan Rakgatlhe

Executive Chef


Gaborone Campus


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