Ga Maja

A well trained young motivational speaker, Brenda Lesetja (26), from Ga Maja, has spoken out about the impact of drugs in communities.

Passionate woman has voiced how drugs contribute to scourge of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country

She embarked on raising awareness, educating members of the public about the danger and the consequences of taking drugs.

She reiterated many children get involved in drug abuse because of peer pressure and unfair treatment from their respective homes.

“To support the habit of taking drugs they often resort to stealing different items in the homes to sell them so they can buy drugs.

“Parents need to monitor their children’s behaviour and know who they associate with,” said twenty six year old lady.

She harshly condemned individuals who get involved of drug trafficking and sees it as solution to financial problems. 

Twenty six year old said she felt the pain seeing young generation taking wrong direction in their lives by taking drugs and she informs society about the consequences of bad decisions.

“I had interacted with homeless people who deem drugs comfort them, however, when one listens to their stories. It’s sad to realise that most society challenges begins at home,” she explained.

 She added that she motivates communities at large but mainly families whom their children are in drug abuse.

“With my experience as motivational speaker, I had learned that pain, frustrations and sorrow had caused many families to seek comfort in alcohol and drug abuse.

“Domestic violence is unacceptable and a lot of women have lost jobs and are forced to remain in deadly relationship because of lack of resources,” said Brenda.

She encouraged women to seek help and not be afraid to approach the relevant organisation for support.

“Women are abused by their partners hoping that things will change. Children who grow up in abusive homes are those who end up on the streets to look for peace and love, drugs push them to start committing crime,” she concluded.


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