A single mother, Charlotte Rakgoale has recently published her first book to inspire and offer hopes to hopeless single mothers throughout the country.

She said it was needy to do that because being only one parent can be tough.

Charlotte said her being a mother is much more than reminding your kids to brush their teeth and take shower every day.

“This book will guide women to actualise who they truly are. Being a single mother is a spiritual journey on which many learned in a hard way,” she said.

Charlotte said covid-19 pandemic disrupted life of many single mothers more than ever since everyone was forced to stay at home.

“But here we are single mother still provide dinner daily even when their bank balance is in the red,” she Charlotte.

“However my hope is to inspire you to focus on what really matters, find joy on the journey, and stay true to your dreams and purpose,” she said.

Yet problems of single mothers mere starts when they comparing themselves to another parents.

According to Charlotte comparing yourself to other limits your ability to be who you’re to your kids.

Her passion is to support women to own their power and live their purpose.


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