The Limpopo Department of Education continued to feed beneficiaries of the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) during the schools’ break that was announced by the President on July 23.
The department started feeding all needy grade 7 and 12 pupils from June 8, thereafter all other learners who were not back in schools were fed in the province as from July 1

“For the smooth running of the programme, learner transport services for grades 7 and 12 will continue ferrying deserving learners until the break ends.
“This service will also include all those learners in the far flung areas who depended on learner transport to reach their schools. However, this arrangement for learners in other grades other than 7 and 12 who are depending on learner transport, will start receiving food hampers from August 1, “said departmental spokesperson Tidimalo Chuene.
She said members of School Governing Bodies (SGBs) have been requested to provide support to food handlers during meal times.
“This will be done within the guidelines of the adopted standard operating procedure (SOP). These SOP seeks to prevent, contain and manage Covid-19 in schools on food preparation and serving. These includes taking into consideration aspects of social distancing, hand washing, sanitising all work surfaces, cooking food thoroughly and ensuring that learners do not share utensils, food or drinks.”
Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to ensure that pupils who come to schools for meals have their masks and wash their hands or are sanitised at all times. 


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