Butternut soup

2 x large butternut peeled and  roughly cut

1 x large onion roughly cut

1x large carrot

2 x sticks of Celery

1 x bunch of spring Onion

2 X Litre of water

salt and pepper to season

Fresh cream 

1 x teaspoon of medium curry powder 


bring water and all vegetables  to boil until all vegetables are cooked.

drain the vegetables and  retain the stock .

blend all vegetables in a food processor or blender

then add them on the stock and simmer then add salt and pepper to taste

whisk or stir in Fresh Cream and let it simmer for ten minutes then your soup will be nice and thick yet runny…the consistency should be that of when you spoon it then the spoon hangs on it.

enjoy your soup with bread of your choice or plain as it is…served hot 

till next edition of a new recipe

Jonathan Rakgatlhe

Executive Chef


Gaborone Campus

(00267) 75385255


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