Outspoken member of Student Representative Council (SRC in the Waterberg Tvert college in Lebowakgomo has been served with letter of immediate suspension on Friday until further notice.

SRC Chairperson, Lerato Sefoka (Big boy) said suspension letter prohibit(s) him to participate in the SRC caucus.

Suspended leader said his institution accuses him of dispute of interest.

He’s also accused by failing to protect the image of the SRC.

According to oath of office in the institution everyone who signed it have responsibility to uphold it.

His suspension comes only a week after he was publicly turned away at the gate by the campus manager and security personnel.

Recently Big boy told Sekhukhune Times that he was treated as subhuman and unfairly as he wanted to assess if his institution has all safety measures of Covid-19 regulations before returning of the students.

He was denied that access and he had no choice but to walk away from Lebowakgomo to his place in Ga Masemola.

For that reasons, his deputy chairperson, general secretary and disciplinary officer handed him letter of suspension.

But what surprises suspended man is that the other six members of SRC were unaware of his suspension.

He said that make him suspects that three members took decision without other members being informed.

With the entire suspicious act, he calls it illegal suspension.

“Management dragged in the mud to sign the letter,” he believes.

Big boy said he didn’t do anything wrong says he only did what other leaders would do.

“It is true and I repeat it, I was turned away at the gate previously by security personnel and student support lecturer. I cannot keep quite while management in this campus do as they wish, not under my watch,” he reiterated his words.

Not only that made him feel that his suspension was illegal, he also highlighted the fact that he never had warning.

“I was told the investigation is underway,” he alluded.

He adds “Opportunity to present my in the disciplinary committee was not offered,”

He however deems the institution owes him an apology for mistreating him in front of the other students.

“My absent in the office is a joy to them,” he said

“Immediately after I was suspended my colleagues were given cloth courtesy which I fought for but I didn’t got mine,” he explained.

He can’t wait far too long as he’s demand the process of hearing to start so he can clean his name and expose people who served him the letter.

He is adamant that his mother body (EFF) support his leadership.

“They want to damage my reputation. I am not elected by management. I don’t own this position because I was elected by students who wanted to presented well like I did,” said Big boy

On Monday provincial treasurer of the EFF visited the institution and found out that water is the main challenge.

The institution said they found Big boy’s actions harmful to the name of the SRC and the college.

It has stated that they had no choice but to hold up his office activities with immediate effect until investigation is concluded.

They also said they would give him date where he will present himself to the disciplinary hearing.


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