Residents expressed their sadness on social media over new bridge in their area worth R9 million.

On July 24 Makhuduthamaga mayor councillor Minah Bahula handed over complete road and bridge at Matulwaneng in Schoonoord.

This municipality has 31 wards, managed by Moropa Mogobadi and is one of the four local municipalities in the Sekhukhune land.

Members of the community accuse their municipality by awarding tenders to their proximity friends.

They also said awarded tender companies fails to deliver proper infrastructure to the community says they only loot money.

R9 million bridge constructed by Ditshimega Project Company

Community call a bridge a death trap and wanted to hold it accountable for misusing public funds.

Selemo Makola said public servant in the municipality have allegedly looted money continuously therefore the should rename the municipality to the Mohoduthamaga.

One of the Matulwaneng residents said: “I refuse to celebrate this unsafe bridge. It is not clear that the bridge does not meet safety standards. Person can fall over easily. Least they could have done was to at least construct guard rails,”

Meanwhile Mmako Komane said: “Makhuduthamaga continue to expose its incapacity to deliver proper services to the people. This is disgusting to the core because more money went into the pockets of the public official involved in this project,”

Komane deem residents would stop to vote for the ANC says its cadre shows them middle finger.

Kgoshi Thabo Nkadimeng said people must stop to complain on social media and come with fundamental strategy to hold Makhuduthamaga accountable. “This is a mediocre work produced by mediocre leadership

Stevovo Kgaola said schoonoord is one of the areas which should be developed long time ago, citing that many public offices are situated over there.

“They are now moving some offices to Jane Furse; they failed to develop this area. We don’t expect anything good from them,” said Kgaola

Seroto Mashoeu asked how the municipality would manage to construct a quality tar road from Mahlomola to Ga Molepane with R20 million. Mashoeu said constructed bridge is poor and it is impossible to believe amount it worth.

One of the constructions company said he constructed similar bridged by R4.5 million with a similar 14 metre long culvert bridge.

“Personally I deem a bridge is overpriced I would expect this to be 15metre or more if it’s good quality, a bridge that will last for 50 plus years,” contractor emphasised

Ronald Matlala applauded good work done by the municipality, he however highlighted some challenges in his area and he was instructed to direct his query to local councillor.


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