NGWARITSI – The hope of one day living in a decent house is slowly fading away for a pensioner at Ngwaritsi Village within Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality outside Monsterlus.

The 74 year-old pensioner says his efforts over the years to apply for an RDP house bore no fruits as he continues to live in a dilapidated structure.

The 74 year-old Ben Magopa worried that authorities have to date not given him reasons why the RDP house he has over the years applied for has not been built for him.

“I have been applying for a house for many years and I am not being told why mine has still not been built when other people around me are getting theirs. I am pensioner and I can’t afford to build myself a decent home,” said Magopa.

The old man said the conditions he was forced to live under were extremely challenging, especially during rainy seasons and winter when it is cold.

Magopa said he suffered injuries and lost his furniture when the previous structure he had constructed fell when it rained heavily in the past year.

“I was in the house and it was raining almost every day when the first structure I lived in fell and almost killed me, destroying the little of furniture I had,” said Magopa.

Enos Phetla, a community leader, said it was heartbreaking to witness the conditions under which the pensioner was subjected to on daily basis.

Phetla said as the community they tried to help Magopa apply for an RDP house but were surprised to see other people getting houses built for them and not him.

“What is of great concern to us is that nobody has given reasons why the old man still has no house after years of applying for it,” said Phetla.

Phetla said the authorities needed to take into consideration the old man’s plight because he was really in need of a proper house, especially at his age.

“The current structure poses a serious danger on the old man. The rains are coming and he needs help fast. He was supposed to have been considered for an RDP house a long time ago,” added Phetla.


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