GROBLERSDAL – The Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (BPSA) is spitting fire against Sekhukhune District Municipality (SDM) over the snail’s pace at which the matter around companies that allegedly intended to defraud the district municipality of over R25 million in payments for work not done is moving.

According to the BPSA, an opposition in SDM Council, the eight companies that intended to allegedly defraud the district municipality remained untouched.

The BPSA said it once more requested SDM Executive Mayor, Stanley Ramaila, to take punitive measures against the eight companies that intended to defraud the district municipality through invoicing it [SDM] for work not done.

Seun Mogotji, BPSA leader, said they requested the mayor to ensure that a case of fraud was opened with law enforcement agencies; all eight companies were blacklisted; the companies did not do businesses with the municipality anymore and that the party be furnished with case numbers after the charges were laid.

Mogotji said if the district municipality failed to do that, the party would not hesitate to lay charges against the eight companies on its own.

“We said young people are unemployed but we have members of the community who want to benefit undeservedly. Taking the matter to court for a review is unnecessary and uncalled for because there are no contracts between the municipality and those companies, except perpetuation of corruption,” said Mogotji.

Moloko Moloto, SDM Communications Manager, said the matter had been brought to the attention of Executive Mayor Ramaila and the executive mayor had already activated processes to hold those implicated accountable.

Moloto said their [SDM] legal services unit had instructed an attorney to file papers, on an urgent basis in the high court, to set aside those appointments because they [SDM] believed they [the appointments] were irregular.

“Letters have already been written to the service providers to inform them that we are suspending their appointments, pending outcomes of the judicial review which we are confident will be in our favour. Importantly, we haven’t paid even a cent to any of these appointed service providers. There will be consequence management against all our officials who’re implicated and due process in this regard will commence soon,” Moloto.

Moloto said following previous financial irregularities in their municipality, Executive Mayor Ramaila instructed that their [SDM] financial controls be strengthened to prevent such irregularities from recurring, and they [SDM] were delighted that those efforts were bearing fruit – hence they [the efforts] intercepted the process before ratepayers’ money was spent in violation of supply chain management policies.

“Regarding the 5.4 million that was deposited into a wrong bank account, so far R4.8 million has been recovered. Disciplinary hearing against implicated officials is underway, and separately, the police are investigating a criminal case. We haven’t recovered the R12 million which was deposited into a fraudulent bank account yet, but the police’s commercial crimes unit is investigating the matter, and internally, disciplinary process is underway,” said Moloto.     


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