Boikano Sedume (26) is a young determined life coach, author and motivational speaker from Setlaboswane.

 Boikano believes most parents struggle to understand and realise the change of behaviour of their children.

Therefore she is willing to make it easier for parents to understand the different stages children go through as they grow up.

She said children needs attention and to be well taken care of while growing up.

“As they grow up, they develop new characters that need to be attended to,” said author Boikano.

She started writing her first book while she was nineteen years old.

Her first book is about the feeling of being in school and the change of behaviour among learners.

 “My aim was to address issues that pupils face during their high school years and how they expect to be treated, “she said.

“I realised that most of our parents did not find it easy to talk to us as we hit the adolescent stage and our change in behaviour becomes a problem,” said twenty six years old woman.

“Most parents are not comfortable having serious conversations with their children, which makes most children fear taking to their parents when they have problems,” she said

She said parents needed to accept that children grew up and changed.

“They need to educate children how to be better adults and how to be good people in the community. Having conversation with children helps not to get or develop attitude and rules from streets. Parents need to build their own children,” added Boikano.

After her first book, she wrote her second book which was based on letting people know that it was still okay when things do not go according to how they were planned or how people expected them to be.

In clarification of her second book she said: “My second book was meant to motivate people not to give up when things do not go as planned. It does not mean they are on the wrong track,”

It was based on her life experience and wanted to motivate others to do better.

She explained what she meant: “My life did not go as in planned. Like any child I planned to go to university after matric, get my life together and find a good paying job and be independent. But that did not happen,”

“I found myself feeling like I was drifting away from my initial goals. I felt like more of failure, but later on I aligned with my actual purpose,”

She noticed that her passion was to help people to get their lives together.


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