The clubs may have shut down due to lockdown regulations but that has not stopped a young local pop artist from living his dream. Bonolo Makgetha (25) from Tswaing said he is not really affected by lockdown as he had time to work on his career to entertain himself in a comfort zone.

 Speaking of how he was introduced to the music industry Bonolo said: “I grew up in a musical family where my big brother was always making music,”

At the age of sixteen years old he realised that he could do what his brother was doing. “It is all about hard work, being humble, and being determined and, guesses what, it keeps me going,” he said.

Bonolo’s brother has graced the stage with several popular professional artists and talented musician.

In his comfort zone he preferred to listen to his own unlike others who take their time listening to other people’s music.

“I find my music very special. I don’t like to take my time listening to the music not knowing who made it,” he said.

“I just never rest, I feel like I haven’t done enough for my people,” added Bonolo.


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