Station commander in Jane Furse police station has swiftly responded to the numerous allegations labelled against the station by frustrated residents recently.

Previously unsatisfied residents had accused the police officers of negligence and treating people as subhuman.

Complainers had appealed to the station commander to do something about the poor services they receive at the station.

Amongst the complainers was a woman who was alleging to be treated unkindly, a woman who claimed to stood in a long queue for hours to certifying ID copies and also another man who did an affidavit.

Complainers said during that day one of the police officer kept on walking out of the little office telling people in the queue to be patient but the queue kept extending longer.

In response, station commander has apologised stating that they have shortage staff. They acknowledged that they were aware about unpleasant situation.

“At this station we literally have shortage of staff members. We are admitting that sometimes people takes time to be served. We appeal to the community to bear with us,” said commander.

Officer said they have raised the matter to the seniors to bring more officers in their station but they call have fallen on deaf ears.

“It is unfortunate because the matter is not in our hands. We don’t have power to add more staff. We apologise for any inconvenience we caused to the public,”


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