Education department in Limpopo has confirmed that over 44 schools in the province which mainly are located in rural school area have remained closed due to state of pit latrine toilets and lack of PPEs.

Despite two weeks schools resumed, Dipakapakeng primary school under Motetema circuit in Tafelkop village was one of those schools. Due to state of pit latrine toilets at school, learner’s rights to basic education were infringed and neglected.

Department has since promised the community members to build proper toilet but that never happened.

Recently Sekhukhune Times published bad state of the pit latrine toilets at school and the department has however on Sunday evening delivered four mobile plastic toilets.

 According to basic education law amendment Act no 15 of 2011  norms and standards for basic infrastructure and capacity in public schools every school must have proper infrastructure.

Guardians have also expressed their sadness unroofed building inside the school premises.

Therefore, parents have implored to good samatarians to build proper toilet at school and to make roofing for the unfinished building.

Due to recent delivered toilets, Dipakapakeng has officially resumed with learning programmes on Monday.

“We don’t want something bad to happen to our children especially with many reports of children dying in South African schools toilets. We don’t want any horrifying headlines anymore,” said parents.

Betty Makua, School Governing Body (SGB), said she welcomed toilets stating that much needed to be done.

She said she felt relieved because it was very difficult for her to accompany every learner to toilet due to safety reasons under pit latrine toilets.

“We are hoping for the better. We are unhappy how department is handling this matter. Some other parents were threatening to shut down the school if the issue remain unresolved,” she said

Another parent still minced her words that she’s unhappy with the mobile toilets saying the school must shut down until it receives proper infrastructure.

“Why do department takes time to roof this unsafe building? I wonder why this school is still operating under this poor infrastructure. She said.

Meanwhile MEC Boshielo has acknowledged that her department has infringed rights of the learners to basic education in a safer environment, particularly in rural area.

Boshielo admitted that non-attendance learners are not receiving any form of education.

She shifted her blames to principals at rural schools they told her about cleaned toilets which ready to use only to found out later on dying time that it was opposite.

However MEC said she has turnaround strategy to implement catch up program for leaners that are now left behind.


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