Jane furse community have risen continues concern over various abandoned building in their area saying the culprits use them to hide stolen items.

Community said they are unable to trace the owner of the abandoned building which cause stir in their respective place.

Recently one of the abandoned buildings has become an eyesore after it was vandalised by homeless people due to mystery reasons.

According to the ordinary citizens, culprits targeted abandoned property to hide stolen items before selling them on lower prices. 

A house break in had caught attention of many residents previously along R579 road.

One of the hawkers who see people from various abandoned building daily, said the community should vandalise them before more crimes are committed.

“I noticed that every day, these boys come out of that scary abandoned building, carrying full packed sacks with recyclables. I strongly doubt the building. Terrible things happen there,” said resident.

She hopes that one day the police would rate the building.

“This whole matter has just underlined that this area is not safe to anyone and also why we are having so much culprits,” she said.

Another resident suggested that the community should stand up and destroy the buildings.


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