Clique of three students from University of Limpopo located in Burgersfort at Ga Mahlokwane have recently voluntarily created masks and gave them to the community.

The founder of the drive, Seleka Mohlokwane said they are committed to give back to their community during this Covid-19 era.

According to Seleka the initiative is committed to work with the community. Creative members said they gave out 150 sanitisers to the community for free.

Seleka said the coronavirus became a life threatening virus to the entire world. Initiative founder said this pandemic need to be prevented from spreading.

“We noticed how most people from our community could no longer do things as usual as results of the lockdown. Therefore we decided to donate masks and sanitisers,” said Seleka.

A group member, Tokelo Phori added that everyone should stay safe to stop this virus from spreading.   

“During the drive we told the community about the importance of personal hygienic and the safety measures they should take when going out,” Tokelo state.

He said they aim to help underprivileged community members during this time and encourage them to always protect themselves.


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