Can you imagine playing TUPS sporting code without the TUPS Crown (the required equipment for the sport)? Most importantly in the safety of your yard? It’s easier and more fun because your family members are all the team mates you need. You don’t even need to buy anything new. All you need is a size 5 ball, draw 3 circles that resemble the TUPS pitch and two buckets resembling each side the TUPS Crown.

According to the inventor of TUPS sporting code Mr Puleng Mmotla, the COVID-19 Stay-home version of the game is part of ensuring that families enjoy the TUPS experience without the actual pitch and equipment, at the safety and convenience of their home.

“The foundation of our sporting code is family, fun, fitness and friendship. This founding ethos of our sport are even much more relevant now that children and parents have more time in their hands. We want them to forget about television and opening fridges from time to time and go into their yard to sweat a bit. For those who never cleaned their yard, it could be a chance to do so as they make way for the family-only sporting experience. TUPS sport new it is not always possible for families to have their own equipment because it is expensive and not accessible at the moment” explained Mmotla

The play area for TUPS Sport is called TUPS Pitch. The pitch is in a ring form and can be put in any area of 30m radius in any open and even surface. To draw the TUPS Pitch, identify a level surface ground in your yard. Mark the centre of the pitch with a line, and put empty buckets (each on both sides on the centre line. Take 15m to the left and mark the edge as the boundary.  Do the same going to the right, it will be a total of 30m which are approximately 30 metres.

Divide the 15m on each side into 5m / steps and mark the end of each fifth metres as a lane. This will produce 3 circles once marked with Lime. The circles are the INNER CIRCLE, MID-CIRCLE AND OUTER CIRCLE. The INNER CIRCLE will have a line that divides it into two half-moon shaped pieces, that where you put the buckets on each side. Scoring will occur when two players playing in the inner circle throw the ball into the bucket on the opponent’s side after crossing the line that divides the inner circle. 

This is how the pitch looks like with a TUPS Crown in the middle of the pitch, the buckets represent the actual TUPS Crown.

“In the fight against COVID-19 and taking further the message of social distancing. This is our humble effort to keep children at home and bring families together because it is easy to set up and for families to enjoy” concluded Mmotla  


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