Limpopo department of health, up until recently, advised residents to follow regulations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) by urging people to wear masks.

According to the WHO the benefit of everyone wearing a mask is to reduce the spread of covid-19 and influenza virus droplets coughed out by those with the infection.

Dinotjie residents outside Jane-furse, Grace Mmako, self-taught, make ends meet by sewing traditional clothes, formal attire and other fashion outfits.

 Recently Grace provided 300 handmade masks to her community to protect themselves from covid-19 virus.

“It would be awkward if I could sit back and fold my arms. I had to do what it takes to save lives of South Africans with my skill. I designed handmade masks and handed them over to some of the families in the area,” explained Grace. 

“They have to protect themselves from this pandemic because I had seen people going up and down as if the country is not on the lockdown. Here children are sent to shops to do shopping,” she said.

Grace said the masks need to be washed every day for safety, saying she provided each mask to residents to raise awareness on covid-19 and the lockdown.

“You could see happiness on their faces,” said Grace.


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