MARBLE HALL – The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo alleges Sekhukhune District Municipality Executive Mayor, Stanley Ramaila used a Covid-19 awareness campaign in Marble Hall last Thursday for political self-interests.

The party said it condemned the ‘political self interest’ displayed that day by the executive mayor and his pose during the Covid-19 awareness campaign.

In a statement released on Friday 03 April 2020, Jacques Smalle, DA Limpopo Provincial Leader, said the party was in possession of videos and photos where it could clearly be seen that Executive Mayor Ramaila was accompanied by someone in an ANC branded vehicle and that the politically branded vehicle formed part of the convoy that accompanied Ramaila to events in the town.

“The DA finds it deplorable that Mayor Ramaila can allow party politics at his mayoral events during a time of national crisis. In Limpopo, we have 19 cases of people who tested positive for the Coronavirus and we should be focusing our attention to combat any further spread of the virus in our vulnerable province and forget about cheap politicking,” said Smalle.

However, SDM thwarted the allegations and said it was sad that the DA chose to grandstand on a national crisis.

Moloko Moloto, SDM Communications Manager, said Executive Mayor Ramaila never wore party political regalia when he performed official duties.

Moloto said Executive Mayor Ramaila’s official vehicle he used on that day was not decorated with ANC colours and in fact, that would never happen.

Moloto added that the Executive Mayor would never abuse a national crisis for partisan interests and that was not his character.

“Executive Mayor Ramaila, always knows where to draw the line between official duties and party politics and the DA knows this for a fact, because they are represented in council. They know his work ethics,” concluded Moloto.


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