GROBLERSDAL – White elephants that are standing unused within Groblersdal Town are becoming an eyesore for residents.

Residents in the town are worried that the unused buildings posed a serious safety risk as they had a potential to hobour criminal activity.

When the paper visited some of these white elephants, we found them with overgrown grass which could be taken advantage of by criminal to hide stolen goods.

Gunmar security company told the paper that the white elephants were problematic because sometimes criminals ran and hid there when they chased after them.

“We have had situations when we chased after criminals and they ran into the buildings to hide. We have also previously found some suspected stolen goods in them. Nyaope users are also using the buildings as their smoking havens,” said Gunmar.

The security company suggested that the buildings be locked up properly or demolished to avoid them being used for criminal purposes.

A resident, who did not want her name published in the paper, said she was troubled by one such white elephant in her neighbourhood.

“The building is just standing there, vandalized with tall grass and that puts our safety at risk because we do not know what goes on in it. It poses a serious risk on our safety. Something needs to be done about them before criminals strike,” said the resident.

Attempts to get comment from Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality were not successful at the time of going to press.


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