River side

Local non-profit organisation based at Riverside village outside Jane Furse strives to make sure less fortunate learners receive new school uniform before returning back to school in April.

Batho Pele Institute (BPI) recently spent more than R20 000 on school uniform.

According to the chairperson of the organisation, Moipone Matlala only less fortunate pupils were lined up to receive new school uniform .

Moipone said its members saw young people from the community attending classes without proper school uniform.

“Then we sat down and agreed to buy them new school uniform. We believe the donation will reclaim their confidence,” said Moipone.

“We don’t want a situation where by learners miss their classes due to a lack of proper school uniform,” she said

Koketso Mmotong (9), a proud grade four learner said she did not have a proper school uniform.

“I come from less fortunate family and we live in a shack. In February heavy rain swept away my old school uniform,” Koketso shared tearful sentiment.

 “I had no choice but to attend school with casual clothes. I am very thankful for new school new uniform and I will take care off,” said Koketso.


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