Ga Mphahlele

After hosting a successful clean-up campaign to clear out debris at Olifantsfontein River, Mabebe Rapolai (29), noticed that the river was still in a very bad state again.

According to local activists at Nkotokwane village in Ga Mphahlele people living along the river also contribute to the pollution, which is a major reason for the slow flow of water.

Mabebe previously hosted various clean-up campaigns around the river since the floods in January but people continue to throw garbage in the river.

“The river is dry! Look, if it rains properly, it flows well but then a day after it dries up,” said Mabebe.

African National Congress ward councillor at the area said due to lack of resources in the Lepelle Nkumpi local municipality it was not possible for them to do regular cleaning and deforestation along the canal.

“Because of the problem, it can have a slow flow. There is a programme to be put into operation and I will request that the municipality addresses this as soon as possible,” ANC ward councillor state.

Mabebe said the river bank of Olifants has already washed away.


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