Julia Baloyi (47), located in Lebowakgomo said a bad smell from broken drain has been leaking into her yard. Julia said the matter has two years now. A forty seven year old mother said she once hired plumbers to fix the sewage, only to realise later that the drain is leaking again.

“My situation is bad, I am an unemployed mother and calling plumbers is very expensive. But the reality is that, the sewage smell very bad and it is getting worse by the way. I cannot afford to keep on calling plumbers all the time,” said Julia.

Mother of four children said she is worried about health condition to her family.

“Health come first but for my family is opposite because this debris put our health status at high risk. We cannot eat food in peace because of the smell

She said her family is hopeless. “Every time it rains we must run away from home because of this sewage. We are sick and tired of this drain,” Lebowakgomo dweller explained.

Baloyi’s family had reported the matter to the department of water and sanitation and Capricorn district municipality, but there had been no solution.

“I did not have faith on them because they asked me silly questions before solving the problem. They came and fixed the drain, but after a few months the same problem occurred again,”

Local entrepreneur who sell fruits and vegetables, Ronny Matebane said drain smell affected his business badly. Street vendor said the smell comes all the way from the house to his business.

“Some of my customers told me about the smell. And now they are no longer buying my products anymore. Sometimes the water from the drain flows to my products,” said determined hawker.

One of the customers who used to buy vegetables from Ronny said they can’t risk their health in the name of support.

“We warned Ronny several times before stopping to buy his products,” explained customer.

Attempts to get comment from Capricorn district municipality were not successful at the time of going to press.


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