During the last quarter of 2019, 35 000 more people in Limpopo province lost their jobs as per STATS SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the Fourth Quarter 2019, released on Monday. 
This comes after more than 77 000 people in the Limpopo province already lost their jobs last year. This year-on-year losses were the highest nationally.

The largest expanded unemployment rate, up by 2.1 % to 44% was recorded in Limpopo. 
The total Limpopo labour force is recorded at 1,821 million, out of these 391 000 individuals are unable to find work, while 531 000 persons have given up looking for a job altogether.

“The bottom line is that people of Limpopo are becoming poorer, and the provincial economy is shrinking and excludes more and more people from accessing economic opportunities.
This bleak economic outlook is as a direct result of the ANC government’s disastrous management of the economy,” said Jacques Smalle, DA Provincial Leader. 

He alleged that under Premier Stan Mathabatha the executive continues to spend state funds irregularly and recklessly without impunity.

During the last 12 months Limpopo’s unemployment rate increased by 6.6%, from 16.5% in the October- December in 2018 to 23.1% for the same period in 2019.

Job losses were experienced across all sectors but the Trade Sector shed 51 000 jobs during the last quarter. The Trade sectors comprises mainly of the private sector and entrepreneurs. 

Smalle said the losses will have a devastating long-term effect on the decreasing expendable income of the middle class and on the provincial economic development and poverty reduction.


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