Ga Mmachacha

Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Ga Mmachacha has praised its patrollers who helped to locate and recover a herd of more than 30 domestic animals that were stolen in the area in January this year.

Information was received by patroller who followed the suspect while they were moving the stolen livestock.

CPF members said on Friday, more stolen animals were recovered and this time, two suspects were arrested and handed over to police.

“On Friday four sheep and three goats were recovered. The driver of a vehicle was also arrested. Unfortunately, three suspects managed to run away. We are very happy about the recovered livestock. But we still short 11 sheep,” said CPF members in the area.

They also thanked patroller for their input and help with recovering the livestock.

Police also thanked residents for their assistance in recovering the stolen animals saying they acknowledge the patroller for their dedication and for helping make a difference in the community.


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