Jane Furse

Some children are still walking to school without a decent pair of shoes. “Gift me with school shoes” project was developed in 2017 to help underprivileged learners who walk to school without shoes in harsh weather conditions and unapologetic landscape especially in the rural communities.

Glory Mahlong, a founder of this shoe drive who lives in Jane Furse said over the past three years she has distributed over 2000 pair of shoes to communities mostly in her area.

“There are bundles of joy in their school uniforms on social media and we sympathise with the less fortunate ones, but more can still be done to try and balance the schooling experience of our future leaders,” said Glory.

Her goal now is to collect 1000 pairs of new shoes before the end of the first school term. Throughout the year she collects the shoes from donors and distributes them at the beginning of the New Year. She said she works hand in hand with churches and avoids working with school because the children tend not to get the shoes.

“Some of the leaners wear the shoes even after school, to church and weddings. When I look at my son he has more than one pair and that is what made me want to start this and I felt that I was in a position to contribute,” she explained.

Glory invites all concerned citizens and institutions of our country to donate a pair or more school shoes to help with this growing dilemma we face as a country,”

Shoe drive founder said when people gave her money she provided them with receipt but preferred the donor to purchase a brand a new pair of shoes for a learner in need

Glory added that most of the donors have been her friends including entrepreneurs.

She urged community to consider donating and said any school shoe size would be greatly appreciated.


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