Ellias Molea is a street vendor who makes a living through selling atchar, wearing adorable outfit.

When asked why he wear nice outfit while selling in the street, Molea said: “You can never build a crèche and paint it with a black colour and expect parents to bring their children there. I dress like this to inspire everyone who is a street entrepreneur to dress nice because it attracts customers,”

“A lot of street entrepreneurs do not respect the business, but only want the income”

Molea said he has been selling atchar for two years. “I have never seen such impact in my life, people appreciate a person when they are clean and they will love whatever you are doing”

He confessed that dressing well while selling his products has impact in his business saying a lot of opportunities have opened up for him and he has met very inspirational people along his journey

“This has made me come close to people that I never thought I would ever see. A lot of people want me in their pamphlets, calendars, and this has made me think about making my own clothing brand,”

“I have been approached by a nearby principal telling me that the children at the school said they wanted to be like me, they wanted to dress like me. So this has had an impact on your children too,”

Molea said his dream was to see his atchar reach bigger supermarkets with his logo on it.

“If you visit big supermarkets, you find a lot of atchar brands but not a single person can point and say I know the person who owns this brand. So what I have been doing here is a campaign for the people to know me, so when a franchise or supermarket contact me I know I have my own branding on the atchar and it will sell fast because people already know me,”


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