Executive Mayor of ZF Mgcawu District Municipality in Upington, Northern Cape Cllr JJJ Olyn was welcomed in style to Sekhukhune District Municipality as two teams of TUPS sporting code gave the Executive Mayor a spectacle of the Limpopo home-grown sporting code. The welcome activation was played at Black Rangers TUPS Club and Team B TUPS Club on Wednesday 27 November 2018. Executive Mayor Olyn is the guest of the Executive Mayor of Sekhukhune District Municipality who rallied stakeholders from different parts of the country to partake in the Sekhukhune Ancestral Tour whose purpose is to promote tourism in the District.

According to the hosting Executive Mayor Cllr Keamotseng Stanley Ramaila the tour was arranged to commemorate 140 years of the Anglo Pedi War commonly referred to as Sekhukhuneland Wars of Resistance.

“The commemoration signify an historic event that took place 28th of November 1879 during the final stages of the Anglo-Pedi War, Tšate – the stronghold of Warrior King Sekhukhune I, was stormed from all directions from as early as 02:00 am by the British Army, Colonials, the Swazi warriors and recruits from as far as Natal” explained Cllr Ramaila

In response to the welcome Cllr JJJ Olyn, the Executive Mayor of ZF Mgcawu District Municipality said he is impressed with the TUPS sporting code which he was seeing for the first time.

“This is the biggest welcome we could have hoped for. I like the way this sporting code energises and organises young people in many ways. They form part of their community’s development and they are very informed. I always maintain that sport keeps a child away from the courts” said Mayor Olyn     

The visit by Executive Mayor Olyn and the Bushmen royal entourage from Northern Cape is motivated by the fact that here in Sekhukhune these is a site named Museum of Man or the Bushmen Rock Shelter that the science of archaeology brought us closer to our ancestors with greatest detail. You are invited to this tour as part of honouring the Bushmen Ancestry and all the ancestors that expressed and experienced the rock shelter in the Pre-human era, Stone Age and Iron Age. The Bushmen, Bapedi and Voortrekkers left traces that made Bushmen Rock Shelter such an archaeological success, which justifies the continuation of relationship with descendants of Bushmen who lived in Limpopo more than 120 years ago.  This is the beginning of an Annual Bushmen Ancestry Tour which will be a spiritual pilgrimage for the Bushmen from all parts of the world to connect with the ancestry at the Bushmen Rock Shelter.

“Our arms are open to welcome hundreds and thousands of the descendants of the San and the Khoi community who will visit this place to reconnect with their ancestors, and get immersed with exciting development of Sekhukhune into a region whose futuristic planning is based on cultural heritage preservation and development. Welcome to Sekhukhuneland!” concluded Mayor Ramaila


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