Traffic flow was halted and roads blocked with burning tyres as taxi drivers clashed on Wednesday in Jane Furse. Local taxi commuters were left stranded as their drivers were involved in a taxi war. Some of them even went to the extent of exchanging blows.

The entrances to the Jane Furse plaza were also blocked. The battle is between the local taxi organization personnel as well as the metered taxis owners commonly known as Avanzana or  plazana in the Jane Furse area.

According to the newspaper’s sources the two organisations are clashing on which association is suitable to operate at the Jane Furse plaza. On Wednesday shoppers struggled to do shopping as some shops chose to shut down because of the unrest. They also couldn’t travel because of the battles.

“This as is apparent, that the two bodies are clashing over operating inside the Plaza shopping center,” said one of the commuters.

SAPS members were at the scene to monitor the situation. They urged everyone driving towards the area to exercise maximum caution.


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