The president of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), Velenkosini Hlabisa addressed hundreds of its supporters at the Peter Nchabeleng community hall in Schoonoord outside Jane Furse over the weekend.

Hlabisa was elected unopposed at a watershed national elective conference in Ulundi on 25 August 2019 after 44 years in power of Mangosuthu Buthelezi. Previously Hlabisa serves as secretary general and a party leader in KwaZulu Natal provincial legislature.  

“One of the immediate priorities for the party’s national executive committee is to embark on a national wide tour to meet the country’s people and expand the support across the country,” words of Hlabisa after inaugurated as a new party leader.

He was always wish to embark on a national tour to grow the party at a grassroots level ahead of the upcoming local and national elections in 2021 and 2024 respectively

Hlabisa’s described his visit in Sekhukhune district as “IFP listening tour” saying they are conducting the listening tour because they do not want to impose solutions that do not speak to the challenges faced by communities on the ground.

“Crime, unemployment and gender based violence are some of the issues that are still deeply affecting the people of Limpopo. IFP volunteers should be the voice for the voiceless, provide jobs for the jobless and bring back hope to the hopeless,” said Hlabisa.

“This party is the home of all people,” disputing the claims that the IFP is only for Zulus speaking people.

“We are not asking for votes, but they are asking that people and business of Limpopo should welcome the IFP into their homes and territories,” he explained.

Attendances said they are hopeful that their party will gain momentum in the province following the party leaders visit to the province at the weekend. IFP supporters believe that their party will bring in the necessary change in communities.

Some residents hopes Hlabisa is able to deal with what is expected to him from the party leader as he has been vocal in his leadership.


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