Our culture, our pride, our identity in heritage month

Ga Chuene

South Africa is known as the rainbow nation that holds a rich history and legacy of racial mixing. In celebration of heritage day, Sekhukhune times saw the performers, dressed in authentic costumes, showcase the music of South Africa ethnic group. Others citizens participated in indigenous games.   

25 years of democracy- celebrating South Africa’s literacy classics in the year of indigenous languages,” this was theme of this year.

At the essence of African community is believed that the individual identity is a function of the collective relationship and traditional music by its very nature.

A traditional lover, who has being taught by his grandfather to respect and know culture shares how Dinaka is conducted. Issac Mojapelo felt traditional dancer and music has been left our when people articulate culture and took the opportunity to clarify a dance called the big pulse keeping drum (kiba) and reed pipes (Dinaka), to share with the community 

Dinaka is made up of drums, big and low sounding drums. The big drum called Sekgololo while the lower called Phoesene, which is a medium sized drum accentuating with dance patterns and a pair of dithopana which is pair of two tiny drums, one pitched higher than other,” explained Mojapelo.      

“This dance is unique in terms of how it is played because it’s technologically design and its function within the ensemble. Firstly, is played a hand held beater in one hand. The beater is usually thick pipe made of rubber. Therefore the person playing Kiba has to be consistent and focused,” he said.

Mojapelo state “lest interlocking effect desired for performative incentives will not be achieved,”

“The low drum (Phoesene) is the only traditional drum played by hands. This drum has a greater dynamic range. The performer sits astride, elevated enough to achieve a slight 90 degree angle on both arms,” he said.

Dithopana are two small drums, one smaller than other, they played by single person. The placement of dithopana pattern is always complementary,” said Mojapelo

According to Mojapelo reed pipe person concentration is expected to be high when it comes to note placement and rthymic executive. Mojapelo said in today rush people turns blind eyes to their traditional costumes.

“We must always love and respect our culture because it represent our identity,” he concluded.   

Thapelo Motseo

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