A mother of two children and five grandchildren lives in a small mud room house.

The Makolane family stays in Jane-furse under Makhuduthamaga municipality and their house is old with cracks and poor conditions. The roof carries heavy stones on top and it leaks during heavy rain, the poor door no longer closes properly.

No one is employed in the family; both mother and daughter are mentally challenged.

“My mother does not have ID book therefore she cannot get a disability social grant. Her ID was lost during heavy rains,” said Emmanuel Makolane.

“The house we live in is not safe. It’s very painful to see my family suffer under my watch, I wonder when our struggles will end. Our living condition is shameful and it is too difficult to survive like this,” he said.

Emmanuel said he lost hope in government as it promised to build them the RDP houses from 2010 till to date.

“In 2010 public officials visited us several times, taking the pictures of our mud home and promising to build us the RDP house but nothing has happened. We are family of seven and we live in this small one room mud house,” said Emmanuel.

He implored anyone who could assist to build them a proper house.

The family now lives in an abandoned mortuary building because their house is no longer safe. The underprivileged family took advantage of abandoned mortuary building and moved in.

“We don’t have choice but to move to this mortuary building. I don’t know what to do for public officials to build us a house because they have been promising us,” said an uncle of five children.


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