The Limpopo Department of Health said its disappointed and embarrassed by the incident that happened during the early hours of July 10. A woman gave birth to a child at the gate of Ngwaabe Clinic, Sekhukhune District.

This is a second woman to do so at the same clinic in a space of ten days.

Limpopo health department’s Neil Shikwambana said, “What is saddening is that this incident happens while the department was still investigating the circumstances surrounding the first incident.

“This incident also happens despite the fact that our district officials met with the nursing staff and community members where the nursing staff signed a commitment in front of community’ members promising them that they will be available to attend to cases of emergencies at night.”

“The clinic has nine midwives, three staff nurses and two assistant nurses but still on two counts, all of them were unavailable to assist these women on both occasions.

“It is against this background that the department has suspended with immediate effect the Operational Manager of Ngwaabe Clinic. An interim Operational Manager has been appointed to resume duties with immediate effect.

DENOSA says the incidents are regrettable, but could have been prevented if the clinic had the right staff component to work after hours. The union says the clinic does not meet the requirements to operate for 24 hours, as it has a shortage of nurses and only 1 cleaner.

Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) said “The clinic had a nursing staff composition of six professional nurses, until mid-June when one professional nurse was hired, whereas it should have eight professional nurses.

“Even midweek, the clinic operates a night shift only from Monday to Thursday due to the improvisation of nurses who have availed themselves to be on call to attend to emergencies.

“The clinic needs the whole staff complement for a night shift for Friday and weekend, namely a minimum of eight professional nurses with midwifery expertise excluding Operational Manager, a cleaner and the admin clerk. Any delivery needs at least two midwives and an assistant nurse, as well as a cleaner


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