A race competition to become Mr Commonwealth pageant South Africa 2019 has begun and competitors have already in needy of sponsorship to have access code to be nominated.

Every province has representatives and only one lucky guy would hold the title, therefore the participants are given task to seek for sponsors.

For participants, sponsorship is their key to be safe in the competition because after having sponsorship, nominees will have access code were people will use it to vote for them.

One of the representatives in Limpopo is a good looking guy with body muscle, dark skin colour and tall in height from Nobody Thakgalang.

Potego Mootane (22) has been nominated to the top of finalist in the competition and he is looking for sponsorship. The occasion will take place at Golf Reef City Casino on 16 August 2019.

Nobody guy is a current student at Tshwane North College in Pretoria studying business management and he is also a founder of Non-Profit Organisation named Timothy Mootane foundation.

Potego affirmed Mr Commonwealth race aims to empower men strong knowledge to become leaders. Those participants must take initiatives to their community that focus on leadership skills, modelling and entrepreneurship.

“We are advised to make difference in our areas. In 2017 my organisation hosted two charity projects. We donated Christmas gifts to underprivileged and orphans,” said Potego.

He said the third Mr Commonwealth South Africa pageant is in its third year and title holders become involved in charitable causes to uphold the aim and objectives of the commonwealth.

He said last year he went to nearby school to donate sanitary towels, stationery and doing motivational talk. Potego added he once presented youth event were youth were given a chance to show off their talent.

Potego said this year the competitors will support chosen charities in local communities within the province.

For entrepreneurs who wish to offer Potego sponsorship must get in touch with him at 060 777 0301or 082 381 4917 email at


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