A local chemical engineer, Precious Mohaswa, is excelling in the juice industry.
Born and bred in Maandagshoek, she and her friend, Pearl Makoko, decided to evolve with the times and turn an all-time favourite drink into a profitable business.
They manufacture gemere “non-alcoholic ginger beer”, traded as Ghemere, in concentrate and ready to drink.
Their company, Precious and Pearl Brands, was established in 2017.
The two said that to put a twist to the “thirst quencher”, as Gemere is famously known, they added preservatives so the enjoyable drink does not ferment.
“We decided to make a traditional ginger beer creatively infused with various flavours (strawberry, mango and orange, apple, pineapple and original ginger), to create a fresh, new drinking experience unlike any other we have seen in the past,” they said. 
The two envisage Ghemere becoming a household brand in the future.
“Our product is already making waves and, with summer coming, there is no doubt it will be the people’s favourite drink,” they added.
The ladies also have a distribution model where they give an opportunity for a reseller to buy at a discount and sell for profit.
“We plan to take all the well-known products in the black community that we grew up using, drinking or eating and make them a household brand. Take them to retail to reach a larger footprint and be easily accessible to people, and not just on special occasions.”
People interested in the product can contact them on 076-7933-858 or email


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