DENNILTON – The situation in Dennilton is calm following residents’ call last week for all foreign nationals to vacate the area.

Residents last week ordered foreign nationals in parts of Dennilton to leave the area on Saturday as they accused them of kidnappings and rapes of young and girls and the recent murder of a woman.

At the centre of residents’ accusations is a recent incident in which an 18 year-old alleged foreign national kidnapped and raped two minors aged 12 and 13 at Tambo New Stands.

Residents added that a body of a woman was found mutilated, with breasts and private parts missing, in Marapong area.

Christopher Malope, a resident, said the area had been marred by incidents of children missing with another 15 year-old missing from the neighbouring Moteti C1 village.

Malope said the community met recently and took a decision that all foreign nationals should leave the area following the incidents.

He added that since the call, foreign owned businesses in the area, especially those owned by Somalis and Pakistanis, were forced to close as a result of incidents of subsequent lootings at others.

“Some residents are accusing the Somalis and Pakistani of loss of their livestock, especially goats and chickens. They also accuse the nationals of selling cigarettes to under-age persons,” said Malope.

Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, Limpopo Provincial Police Spokesperson, said police were monitoring the situation.


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