MPHELENG – Teaching and learning continues to be adversely affected at Mpheleng Primary School in Dennilton outside Groblersdal.

This after parents have for weeks stopped their children from attending classes as they believe evil spirits possessed the facility.

Parents believe evil spirits at the school caused pupils to collapse in classes since last month and they now fear for the health and safety of their children.

According to parents the most affected learners were girls from the age of eight years-old in Grade four, five, six and seven.

Ali Ramoshaba, Mpheleng Education Crisis Committee Chairperson, said girl pupils started collapsing in classes, especial in two Grade four classes, since 30 April this year.

Ramoshaba said they started seeking help from traditional healers to cleanse the school of evil spirits since then.

Ramoshaba said about 48 pupils collapsed in the classes when the mystery first hit the school in April.

“We sought help from traditional healers who came to cleanse the school. When the children came back, about 24 of them collapsed. On Tuesday 14 May when the children came back, about five of them collapsed,” said Ramoshaba.

Ramoshaba said they also engaged the local education circuit office on the matter several times to find solutions to the problem.

“What compounded the situation was that some members of the community were now accusing certain teachers for the collapse of the children. Teachers are now fearing for their safety and reporting to the local circuit office. They are now teaching at other local schools,” informed Ramoshaba.

He said the collapsing of pupils at the school was experienced back in 2010 when they sought help from traditional healers and it stopped.

“Now it seems the spirit has gained more power. When we were cleaning the school recently we noticed a creature like a dog and within the premises. The children gave chase to it when they cane to school on Tuesday and it climbed over the school fence like a human being. We really need help,” added Ramoshaba.

Sam Makondo, Limpopo Department of Education Spokesperson, said they were aware of the situation and have made psychological services to the school.

“They can only do their job well if learners are back at school and it is the parents who must make sure those learners go back to school,” concluded Makondo.


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