The higher level of unemployment suggests poor people would kill for a permanent job, but for a local man from Mashifane park outside Burgersfort finding a job was not an option to him.

Despite any other reason, recently experts researched and revealed that majority of young people in South Africa are unemployed.

Tshekiso Maroga (21) who partnered with her mother on his earring designer business said he finds his calling.

He said he designs African women earring to the community using his own unique materialistic.

“I’m proud to have my own business at an early age. I would say this is calling because I started this business last year in August but now the support is amasing,” he said.

He said he first designed an earring to her mother afterwards people were asking her mother who designed, he was then approached by public who needed the earrings.

“It was simple how I started my business and now more people make orders,” he said.

Speaking of challenges he said some people take his business for granted.

“Some people make orders and don’t pay after receiving their orders. I sometimes struggle financially due to late payment by customers,” he explained.

He said at the moment no sponsor assist but said he won’t throw towel as he believe in his business.

He went to Mosebu primary school and he later completed his matric at Ntwampe Technical high school







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