The two employees of Thobela FM suspended at work last week and advised to provide arguments why their contracts should not be terminated.

A presenter Kwenisto Makgakga and a producer were accused of inappropriate comments made on New Year Eve.

This came after King Monada worldwide song Malwede knows as #Idibala was beaten by over year song of Master KG’s Skeleton Move to be chosen as cross over song of the year at the station.

Social media users didn’t hesitate to accuse the two of tampering with the list and for that reason the two had made comments on the issue.

It is alleged that King Monada and his manager Albert Makwela denied partaking at the event of those suspended employee due to low fee.

Meanwhile SABC spokesperson Neo Momudu confirmed the station had noted comments made by the two on social media platforms and managements regards comments as inappropriate.

Makwela confirmed that he and Monada were aware of the abhorrence developed by Kwenisto. “Our business is to give our fans good and the best music,” Makwela clarified.


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