MARBLE HALL – Marble Hall SAPS are investigating a case of culpable homicide after two people were killed during an accident involving a taxi in early hours of Monday morning.

According to Life 24 Ambulance Services the accident occurred 6km outside Marble Hall on the R573 road at about 03:00 that morning.

The ambulance services said the taxi overturned and one passenger was found dead on the scene, two patients were transported by government ambulance to Groblersdal Hospital.

Life 24 Ambulance services further informed they transported 10 other patients to Philadelphia Hospital in Dennilton.

The ambulance services said on the scene, there were talks of a 14th person that was nowhere to be found.

Police later contacted the ambulance services to inform the missing person from the accident scene was found dead in a canal, 1.2km North from where the accident happened.

Police said the cause of the accident was still being investigated. However, it is believed the vehicle could have lost control.



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